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Not Your Typical 'Resource' firm

A Different Approach to Recruitment

Finding the perfect resource for your project can be the most difficult part of the process.  From position identification to recruitment marketing, and application grading and interviews, it can take months of man-hours to procure for a single position.  Introducing Synergy Loft.  We take the painstaking complexity and uncertainty out of the recruitment process by finding the perfect match for your information and communications technology resource requirements.  We help you determine the exact skillset required for a specific position and then utilize our pool of active and experienced professionals to get you the person or people that you need to get the job done.  Unlike our competitors, our management team is not only experienced in the field, they are working alongside potential candidates to validate both their capability and track record.  This active approach ensures a better match and a better result.

Direct Relationships

At Synergy Loft, we don't just collect resumes at the fax machine.  Rather, our management team and recruiters are active in the information and communications technology field working alongside potential candidates.  These direct relationships allow for an intense level of qualification evaluation.

Working Referrals

A strong communications pipeline exists in the technology industry.  Synergy Loft, being actively involved in the field, has many contacts--at both employer and resource levels.  These communication conduits provide the ability for Synergy Loft recruiters to scan the industry for resources with the best reputations.

Measured Results

Once a resource is placed, Synergy Loft account managers work with both the employer and resource to ensure that requirements and expectations are continually being met.  Regular evaluations occur to ensure that both parties stay on the same page and that new or emerging requirements are understood.

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