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Our Team

A combined 60 years in the information and communications technology field, our management team knows their stuff. From business analysis to application development, and architecture to project management, a vast amount of experience exists within the group to ensure a full understanding of client requirements and resource capabilities. Having direct and active involvement in government, health, and private industry, the Synergy Loft team is fluent in a variety of organization structures, cultures, and levels of formalization. Each and every Synergy Loft recruitment manager is actively deployed, allowing first-hand involvement in common and emerging technologies. This level of involvement ensures recruiters can talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk, which allows for a significant advantage over other resourcing firms. Synergy Loft is rapidly gaining a reputation of being a resource firm that truly delivers what clients expect.

We think like you do...

We're tired of hearing about budget and timeline over-runs. Even the most complex project should be managed proactively.  At Synergy Loft, we believe that managing expectations by way of ensuring an adequate understanding of what is at hand is fundamental to any success.

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