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Synergy Loft resources are selected based on a variety of criteria, with three main areas of focus. First, the resource must possess qualifications that exceed what the industry would consider 'standard'.  A software developer candidate, for instance, that has achieved a degree in computer science, will need to demonstrate that they are fluent in some of the latest development methodologies and technologies.

Second, candidates are required to demonstrate a superior experience record. For example, it is not enough that a business analyst candidate shows three years experience on their resume.

Synergy Loft recruiters want to ensure that the experience the candidate claims is not only relevant to applicable opportunities but further, conforms to best practices and methodologies that are employed by the industry.

In addition to the previous areas of suitability, the candidate must carry with them a reputation of professionalism, aptitude, and commitment.  This requirement is certainly the most difficult to evaluate, which is why Synergy Loft recruiters are themselves active in the industry to be better able to evaluate this criteria.

Let's Get Acquainted!

Do you fit our candidate profile? Are you tired of working for another firm that does not speak the language of the industry? Good news...we do! Get in touch with us to learn more about how we can help you find an exciting opportunity

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